Uploading your Documents - FAQs

How do I upload my documents?

Please note – your documents must be scanned and saved to your home computer first.

  • To upload your documents go to ‘Your Account’, select ‘Upload Documents’.
  • Below the driving licence box select add files.
  • Select the scanned file you wish to upload. Under ‘Description’ please select the name of the document you are uploading i.e. proof of no claims bonus.
  • If required please add any additional comments. Then click the upload option below your files.
  • You will then be told if the documents have successfully been uploaded. At this point you can either ‘Add More Files’ or ‘Finish’.
  • Your documents will then be processed by our administration department and you will receive an email confirming these are acceptable or if any further information required.

What type of file can be uploaded?

  • Please note that only certain types of files can be uploaded, these are: GIF, PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG and JPE. Uploaded files can be no larger than 3MB.
  • If the files are not in any of the formats noted above they cannot be uploaded.

What if I am sending more than one document?

  • Please ensure you upload ALL documents together, selecting the relevant options. This is to ensure all documents are processed by our administration department at the same time preventing any delays.

How do I make my images files smaller?

  • Scanned images of documents can be overly large if they have been scanned in at a high level of quality. If they are stored as an image file (e.g. a JPEG or a GIF), you can resize the image using any graphics package.
  • If you have just scanned in a document and it has resulted in a file too large to upload, try lowering the dpi (dots per inch) value in your scanning program to a lower value and rescan the document. The image file should still be readable but be a lot smaller.
  • If, however, your document is a .PDF file, you will need to use the PDF editing tool that came with your scanner to down-sample the quality - or rescan the document at a lower dpi setting.

What documents are required?

  • In order process your documents effectively we need all documents requested to be sent at the same time. This includes Proof of No Claims Bonus (if applicable) and DVLA Share Licence Summary for all drivers on the policy.
  • Please note – the address noted on your driving licence must match the address on your policy.
  • Proof of no claim discount (if applicable). If there is a gap between your last policy ending and your policy with us starting please add an explanation in the comments section when you finalise the upload of the documents.
    Please note – we require the whole document to be scanned.
  • V5/Log book (if required). Under certain circumstances we may request to see a copy of your V5 or Log Book. We will notify you if this is the case. Please ensure the full page is clearly shown.
  • To upload all documents please follow the instructions above.