Proof of Driving Licence: FAQs

You will be asked to provide proof of driving entitlement (and any endorsements) for all named drivers when you buy a car insurance policy from esure broker within 14 days of receipt of your new business confirmation email.

Why do I have to provide proof of my driving entitlement for all drivers?
Your driving history and that of the additional drivers you name on your policy will have a significant effect on your overall premium. We have chosen to request copies of all driving licence summaries to confirm the information we have is accurate.

What happens if I don't?
If you do not send us the relevant driving entitlement information within the agreed time scales your policy will be cancelled. You will then be charged for the period of time we provided your insurance, a cancellation fee of £65, and any additional fee from the insurer underwriting your policy. No refund is given for any Optional Extras purchased, other than Breakdown Assistance Cover, where there will be a pro rata charge.

Therefore please make sure you send us the required documentation using the Upload Document facility in your online account as quickly as possible. You can also send us the details to:

Freepost Plus RTKS-KSBS-AUZC
19 Cadogan Street
G2 6QQ

What do I have to provide?
You need to provide us with copies of the DVLA Sharing Service Licence Summary for all drivers named on the policy. These can be generated from the DVLA website here.

We have created a step by step guide to help:

  1. Please have your driving licence, National Insurance number and postcode to hand.
  2. Visit the DVLA website, enter your details and click 'View now'.
  3. Go to the 'Share your licence information' tab in the top right corner.
  4. Click 'Create a code'.
  5. Click 'View, print or save your licence information' to download a PDF copy of your information.
  6. Save the Licence Summary Document and then upload it to your Online Portal. If you're unsure how to upload a document, you can find out how to do it here. Alternatively, you can print and send it to the Freepost address shown above.
  7. Make sure you complete this for all named drivers on the policy.

What if my driving licence is registered to my old address?
As the DVLA can sometimes take a few weeks to issue a new licence, we will accept a copy of two utility bills (within the last 3 months) confirming your current address together with your licence summary at your old address. Once you download your new driving licence summary from the DVLA, please send to us using the Upload Document facility in your online account, or post to us using the Freepost address above.