Personal Injury Cover

The full esure broker Personal Injury Cover policy is available for you to download.

What is Personal Injury Cover?

If you or any named drivers on your policy are injured in an accident, Personal Injury Cover can provide you with a lump sum up to £30,000 (dependent on the injury sustained), regardless of whether or not you were at fault.

This policy offers cover:

  • For all motor accidents in your car, including when getting in and out of your car (specified on the accompanying car insurance policy)
  • Even if the accident was your fault
  • Up to £30,000 for each named driver depending on the injury incurred
  • For the loss of, or loss of use of limbs; loss of sight; loss of speech; loss of hearing and death with the ability to claim up to 52 weeks after the incident
  • When travelling as a passenger in another car (main policyholder only)

Does this cover still apply to me if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, although we would assess the impact that your pre-existing medical condition had on the bodily injury sustained and may reduce the benefit payment by an appropriate amount to take this into account.

What injuries are covered under the policy?

  • Loss of, or loss of use of, two or more limbs – £30,000
  • Loss of, or loss of use of, one limb – £15,000
  • Loss of sight in both eyes – £30,000
  • Loss of sight in one eye – £15,000
  • Loss of hearing in both ears – £15,000
  • Loss of speech – £15,000
  • Death – £30,000

If I sustain several of the injuries covered under the benefit, will I receive the individual totals as a cumulative amount?

The maximum amount payable to each insured person for one accident is £30,000 so although only one payment will be made, the lump sum could relate to one or more bodily injuries such as loss of sight, loss of hearing and the loss of a limb.

Can I add Personal Injury Cover onto my policy mid-term?

Yes, you can add Personal Injury Cover onto your car insurance policy at any time – not just when your cover starts. So whether your insurance cover has been running for two, 22, or 222 days you can still buy Personal Injury Cover. However, it must be purchased before any incident occurs.

How can I buy Personal Injury Cover?

Call 0800 032 4791.