Car Hire Cover

The full esure broker Car Hire Cover policy is available for you to download.

What is Car Hire Cover?
Car Hire Cover can keep you on the move if your car is either stolen and not recovered or written off.

How long will I be provided with a hire car?
This cover will provide you with a hire car for a period of up to 21 days while your car is being repaired. The hire car will be made available to you no later than the next working day and for added convenience can be delivered to your work or home. You and your one nominated driver must be aged 21 to 79 to drive the hire car provided.

Can I use this cover for all claims I make?
No, only for theft claims when your car has not been recovered and for accident claims where your vehicle has been declared a total loss.

Will I need to buy separate insurance for the hire car?
No, for the period you have access to the hire car it will be insured by the hire car company. If your car insurance policy is lapsed or cancelled then the hire car will need to be returned to the car hire company immediately.

Who will be able to drive the hire car?
You and one nominated driver will be insured on the hire car provided you are both between 21 and 79. Neither driver must have been convicted of theft of a motor vehicle or banned for driving with no insurance.

If my claim has concluded and my settlement payment has been made, can I still keep the hire car for the full 21 day period?
You will need to return the hire car to the car hire company no later than 48 hours after your settlement payment is issued or no later than the 21st day of hire (whichever comes first).

Is fuel included?
No, you will need to pay for fuel and any parking charges, fines and fees incurred.

I thought that most car insurance policies provide courtesy cars anyway?
Insurers tend to offer courtesy cars (or hire cars) to customers with a comprehensive policy when the car can be repaired. However, you would not receive a courtesy car if your car was stolen and not recovered or deemed a total loss which is where Car Hire Cover can help to keep you on the move.