Breakdown Assistance Cover

The full Breakdown Assistance Cover policy is available for you to download.

What is Breakdown Assistance Cover?
With Breakdown Assistance Cover, you can get assistance from RAC if you can’t get your car started – whether you’ve got a puncture or you’ve run out of fuel. We offer an extensive range of breakdown assistance options in conjunction with our partner RAC which are all designed to help keep you on the move.

What are the key features?

  • Cover provided by RAC who are the most experienced breakdown provider in the UK
  • Three options to suit you and your budget: Roadside Assistance, Home Rescue and Recovery
  • No call out charge
  • Unlimited labour
  • Cover for your caravan or trailer as standard*

Which option: Roadside Assistance, Home Rescue or Recovery?

Roadside Assistance
This is the first level of cover available. It includes unlimited labour at the roadside for the repair of minor mechanical or electrical faults. All you pay for are the parts. If your car can't be repaired at the roadside then your cover includes recovery to the nearest garage or destination of your choice within a 10 mile radius of the incident. This does not include incidents at your home or within one quarter of a mile of your home.

Home Rescue
Roadside Assistance plus cover if the incident occurs at your home or within one quarter of a mile of your home. 

Roadside Assistance, Home Rescue plus cover to help with your onward journey if your car can’t be repaired such as hotel accommodation (for you and up to eight passengers), rail travel, chauffeur transport in the event of illness and a telephone message service to contact friends and family.

Who is given priority?

RAC prioritise all customers who are in potentially vulnerable situations. This could be a lone female on a remote road, an elderly driver on a motorway, or drivers with young children, as we understand the concerns of these customers. Not all these drivers are in vulnerable situations every time so we make sure that when they are, they are put on a higher priority. That said, RAC try to get to all customers as fast as they can so that nobody is waiting too long.

Is my car still covered if I am not driving it?
Yes. It is the car that is insured under the breakdown cover, not the individual, so your car will still be covered even if you are not the one driving it.

Who is your Breakdown Assistance Cover provided by?

Never get stuck on the roadside again. Our collaboration with RAC ensures you get back on the road as soon as possible. Why RAC? RAC patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside, within an impressive average of 30 minutes. So if you do need their help, it won't be long until you're moving again. Proof of their great customer service is shown by 92% of customers recommending RAC time and time again.    

How much does Breakdown Assistance Cover cost?
The cost of cover depends on the level of cover you choose and the age of your car.

Am I covered abroad?
Currently none of the Breakdown Assistance options cover you whilst driving abroad.

My car is quite old, will you cover it?
RAC will cover cars of any age as they have no vehicle age limit.

What number do I need to call if I breakdown?
Call 0800 028 8279 for assistance.

Why would I need breakdown cover, I have a brand new car?
The newer your car the more unlikely it is to breakdown but you could still:

  • Run out of fuel or put in the wrong fuel
  • Lose your keys
  • Have a puncture

These are all problems encountered by car drivers regardless of the age of the car. In these situations it is good to know you have someone you can call to help get you moving again.

Will my caravan or trailer be covered?
If you are towing a trailer or caravan when you breakdown then they have the same level of cover as your car. Weight and size restrictions apply. (*Subject to meeting Terms and Conditions.)

Can I add Breakdown Assistance Cover onto my policy mid-term?
Yes, you can add Breakdown Assistance Cover onto your car insurance policy at any time – not just when your cover starts. So whether your insurance cover has been running for two, 22, or 222 days you can still buy Breakdown Assistance Cover. However, it must be purchased before any incident occurs and no recovery will be made within 24 hours of buying the cover.

How can I buy Breakdown Assistance Cover?
Call 0800 032 4791.